We serve delicious, healthy vegetarian meals drawing on Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai and Indian culinary traditions, cooked from scratch. Fruit and bread are included for snack-times, and we’re pleased to offer you Alvarado Street’s wonderful organic sprouted grain breads! For beverages, we serve teas and coffee with dairy or soy milk, and organic agave nectar or sugar.
Gather at one of the many tables in the bright and airy dining-hall, or take a seat outside at the garden tables or the Tara House patio…

ALTERNATIVES requiring advance notice:
1) Gluten-free and vegan options (no surcharge)
2) Organic ayurvedic diet prepared strictly in accordance with traditional principles ($14-18/person/day surcharge applies, based on availability / market rates etc, and 2 months advance notice required to allow for food ordering)
3) Organic options for produce and dairy ($10-$15/person/day surcharge applies, based on availability / market rates etc)
4) Meat served once daily (surcharge applies, based on items requested)
Self-catering may also be possible; please contact us to discuss your needs.

Coordinators please note that if your group includes people with celiac disease or who follow restricted diets for other reasons, they may need to bring their own supplementary food items. Refrigerator and microwave are available for guests’ use.

Sample Menu