A selection of eggs, hot and cold cereals, fruit, Alvarado St. bread,
gluten-free seed bread, jams and peanut butter.

Examples of main meals include:


  • Vegetarian Lasagna (eggplant and/or summer squashes), garlic bread, green salad OR
  • Lentil dhal and brown rice with roasted veggies, mixed green salad OR
  • ‘Fried chicken’-style tofu cutlets with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli OR
  • Pizza and polenta-crust pizza with mixed green salad


  • Vege-tofu stir-fry, white or brown rice, steamed seasonal vegetable OR
  • Butternut squash chili, cornbread, fried greens OR
  • Thai tom-yum soup with sesame rice noodles,  cilantro lime slaw OR
  • Split-pea soup, cottage fries, green salad